High flow and tankless, enjoy pure water
with a smart way of life.
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F2100 Water Filtration

Enjoy a glass of purified water while achieving water savings with
Pentair Energon 3-stage water purifier system. Perfectly designed to
be sleek and compact, it also comes with a smart digital display for
your convenience.



Integrated water-route
technology for easy and safe use

  • Lower probability of water
    leakage ensures safe usage
  • Easier and safer
    cartridge replacement

Fast Cartridge Replacement
with auto-shutoff valve

  • Step 1: Turn off the 3-way ball valve,
    shutdown and unplug the power
  • Step 2: Twist 60° anti-clockwise,
    unlock and remove the old cartridge
  • Step 3: Place new cartridge into the slot and
    twist 60° clockwise to complete installation

Seek minimalist design

  • Perfect match for modern home

Top water efficiency

  • Certified Grade-1 water efficiency*

As required by GB 34914-2017 Minimum allowable value of water efficiency and water efficiency grades for reverse osmosis drinking water treatment purifiers there are 5 grades of water efficiency for reverse osmosis water purifiers; the highest being Grade-1. Water purifiers must attain at least the Grade-2 to be classified as water saving water.


RO Membrane Performance 50GPD
System Flowrate Up to 1.5L/min
Outlet(s) Single Faucet: Pure Water
Appearance Cabinet Type
Product Dimensions 438 mm (L) x 132 mm (H) x 361 mm (W)
Inlet Water Quality Chlorinated City Water
Inlet Water Pressure 15-55 PSI
Operating Pressure 60-115 PSI
Operating Environment Ambient temperature 4°C – 40°C, relative humidity ≤90% (indoors)
Power Supply 110 – 220V, 50/60Hz
Power 25W
  • TDS Value;
  • System status indicators: Processing; Flushing; Leak; Error
  • Individual cartridge lifespan progress bars + Cartridge replacement reminder
  • Function Buttons: Select Button; Flush Button; Reset Button
Faucet LED Light Indicator No
Cartridge Replacement Reminder Alarm Beep
Leakage Alarm Display + Beep
Cartridge Type Disposable Cartridge
Booster Pump Built-In
Water Storage Tank External


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